15 Tips On Working Remotely

What was considered a nice perk not too long ago is now a required way to work in many places across the country. With companies of all sizes being disrupted, workers are suddenly adapting to new, albeit semi-temporary, business environments.

Remote working can be a jarring experience compared to the office, and a quick shift to this arrangement can be discouraging. Professionals across the globe have been successfully working from home for years and have laid a firm groundwork of best practices.

The following 15 tips on working remotely are not hard-and-fast rules and each situation is unique, and exceptions are going to be allowed when so many people are adjusting. So, take a deep breath, and give yourself some leeway during these challenging times.

1. Stick to a work schedule (as much as possible) – If you an 8-5’er keep that time!

2. Find your space – not, repeat not a shared space w/kids, parents or other pest!

3. Know your prime time for productivity – schedule your task around that time.

4. Protect your work-life balance – you left at 5 before, so continue that ritual.

5. Distance yourself from distractions – mowing the yard or baking a cake are planned, but not remotely!

6. Don’t neglect breaks (or your neck and back) – Get up and get social with your plants!

7. Keep up appearances – Webinars are great appearance motivators, Be Ready for the spotlight!

8. Stay healthy – Mental and physical health is important, eat, sleep and bath regularly. You need it!

9. Get outside if you can – Vitamin D is great, your buddy the sun provides a great source!

10. Learn to accept background noise – remember those unique sounds that were at the office?

11. Communicate early and often – Team calls daily replace the break room gossip, be prompt and have an agenda.

12. Ask for what you need – Are your remote equipment needs met? If not, what is needed!

13. Stay secure – Your office network was scanned and secure. Is your home WI-FI secure?

14. Limit social media – Use your working hours for work, unless you are a SM manger!

15. Try to stay positive – Not the easiest task but a lot easier on the psyche than negative thoughts.

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15 Tips On Working Remotely